"General Terms of Sale"

Right-Products.com is a liquidation and non-production sales branch of Action Mfg & Mktg Co which has been in business since 1982. We offer limited inventory items in both new and used condition including surplus items.  Many companies have related activities to their primary business which either augments or assists the whole of their business as we do with here. An example might be major airlines, or United Parcel Service having liquidation points for new and used surplus equipment to lost luggage or cargo. It allows for a mutual exchange of property at good discount prices, usually at a where is, as is point of sale.

The items here are described as accurately as possible with the understanding that we are not a retail store of newly manufactured warranted merchandise and do not follow in that marketing manner. What you see is what you get at the price and conditions as best can be described under the General Terms of Sale. Should it be a large ticket item which  you are interested in and you need more assurances on before you purchase it, it becomes your responsibility to make an appointment to physically examine the item as to suitability for your own needs without any warranties express or implied as to the nature, quality, value or condition of any item other than displayed on the items sale page. Seller expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

For this reason on many item pages you may find this statement in whole or in part as a partial reminder of the General Terms of Sale Statement as describe herein which covers all items available within this web site unless expressly authorized otherwise in writing to any one item on a pre-authorized arrangement.

"General Terms of Sale"
Buyer has examined, inspected, inquired, or accepted about the condition of item prior to completion of sale through electronic payment, wire transfer, credit card payment, money order, cashiers check, or any other accepted payment methode including barter exchange; with the following agreement. Standard site sales terms are: ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE NATURE, QUALITY, VALUE OR CONDITION OF ANY ITEM OTHER THAN DISPLAYED ON THE ITEMS SALE PAGE TO THE BEST BUT NOT GUARANTEED OPION OF SAID ITEM. ALL SALES ARE FINAL UPON PURCHASE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED PER INDIVIDUAL ITEMS SALE PAGE TERMS. SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.

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