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Balder 10hp 3ph High Speed AC Motor
0 to 3450 Rpm with VFD Motor Drive
Volts 208-230/460 3450 Rpm
Ideal High Speed Blower Motor

60HZ, 26.5-24/12amp, Frame 215JM, NEMA 215T Base-Mount, Enclosure TEFC
Specifications 37E450X56 Click Here Pdf Manual

This is a special High Speed AC Motor that will give you 0 to 3450 Rpm with VFD Motor Drive. And that is TWICE the speed range you will get with a standard 10 hp motor and hard to find.

Baldor 10hp 3ph 60 hz AC Motor Volts 208-230/460 3450 Rpm From Right-Products.com

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Baldor 10hp 3ph 60 hz AC Motor Volts 208-230/460 3450 Rpm From Right-Products.com

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Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)

Baldor 10hp 3ph Super-E® Premium Efficiency AC Motor From Right-Products.com

Baldor 10hp 3ph 60 hz AC Motor Volts 208-230/460 3450 Rpm From Right-Products.com

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Baldor 10hp 3ph AC Motor
Only 300.00

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