10 hp Spencer Central Vacuum System \ Cyclone Vacuum System \ Spencer Blower - Vacuum 74.8 (H2o) / 5.5 hg

Mobile Unit Ready to Go Mounted on Heavy Duty Steel Wheeled Cart

Powered by: Baldor 10 hp 3 phase, 60 hz, 3450 rpm, 208 - 230/460 volt, 26 - 24 / 17 amp Motor Pre-Wired Heavy Duty Industrial Cord and Plug.

10 hp Spencer Central Vacuum System \ Cyclone Vacuum System \ Spencer Blower From Right-Products.com

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning & Vacuum System

This Spencer Industrial Grade Unit came off the floor from a Major National Food Producing Plant in a clean environment and is ready to go to work again for you. It is mounted on a heavy duty steel framed mobile wheeled cart for easy movement within your plant. This multistage centrifugal machine can operate as both Vacuum and Blower and gives you the famous Spencer name behind it known for quality and performance.







Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Wired
This unit comes with heavy duty high quality ventilation discharge hose attached to Spencer Vac/Blower Unit and both input and out put ports have convenient removable quality vent caps.  The motor is pre-wired with power cord and power plug. This Spencer Blower unit with missing tag is identical to other units obtained from a group of units with Mfg Tags stating ratings of 250 S C.F.M., Vacuum 74.8 (H2o) / 5.5 hg so it is assumed the same in values.

What you see is what you get as pictured... Unit is being sold on an "as is" condition no seller warranties / guarantees expressed or implied other than description of unit by photos and information from Mfg Tag on unit with no returns, exchanges, refunds. Manufacture may however offer warranties / guarantees which would be between the buyer and manufacture not the seller. Buyer is to determine suitability of their needs in items prior to purchase as all sales are final.

Although this unit is being offered as stated above… Spencer quality has endured for more than a century and their units have been known to operate 35 years or more with little maintenance beyond lubrication. Buy assumes full responsibility of proper use, suitability of use, and installation both mechanically and electronically.

This unit is ready for shipment as shown on custom built long pallet and will require fork lift with extended forks on your end to safely maneuver, unload, or reload. See shipping sales terms below.

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Terms of Sale Shipping
Shipping weight: Aprox 1000 lbs, on pallet, from zip code 60441, Straight Truck Access only, lift gate or seller fork lift load.
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