SMC Series MY1M

SMC Magnetically Coupled Rodless Linear Slider Actuator Cylinder
SMC MY1M25-300L-XC18  300 mm Stroke Precision Positioning

SMC MY1ME5-300L-XC18


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SMC MY1M25-300L-XC18

  • Mechanical joint rodless cylinder with slide bearing
  • Bore sizes: 25 (mm)
  • Stroke 300 mm
  • With  two stroke adjusters with shocks

For long strokes with compact size and an integrated guide, the MY1 series rodless actuator provides an ideal solution. The MY1 mechanical joint rodless cylinder includes four standard models, which allow the appropriate bearing style to be selected in order to match the accuracy and load requirements of your application. If necessary, you can also combine the basic MY1 cylinder with an external guide in order to create a special engineered solution. Piping options can be selected according to the application. MY1 is available in 9 bore sizes from 16mm to 100mm. Standard strokes are available up to 2000mm with a 5000mm long stroke option on some bore sizes.

CY1L - Slider Type: Ball Bushing Bearing
32 - Bore Size: 32 mm
H - Magnetic Holding Force: 358
800 - Stroke: 800 mm
A - Shock Absorber




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