2 x SS High Load Capacity Dead Shaft Idler Rollers
16 x 3.45 Shaft 1 Inch

Item Boxed and Ready to Go

Sale is for 2 - SS High Load Capacity Dead Shaft Idler Rollers 16" x 3.45 Shaft 1 Inch
Stainless Steel rollers offer excellent corrosion resistance.
These rollers sell upwards of $200.00 plus each by Industrial Machine Part Suppliers.
Save $$$ on these good condition used surplus rollers. 
Aprox Measurements below.
  • Overall Length: 26" 
  • Roller Face Length: 16 inch
  • Roller Diameter: 3.45 Inch
  • Shaft Extension: 5 inch shaft ea side.
  • Shaft Diameter:1 Inch
  • Grease Fitting Bearings
  • 16.5 lbs ea
  • Box 39 x 6 x 6
  • 33 lbs
Live Shafts Versus Dead Shafts
This section is meant to provide insight into the advantages of the two different styles of idler roll shafts. "Live Shaft" means that the shaft is fixed to the idler roll and therefore rotates with the roller body. The roller bearing is mounted to the machine frame, generally a pillow block or flange mounted bearing. "Dead Shaft" means that the bearing is in the idler roll body and therefore the dead shaft remains stationary. The shaft is fixed to the machine frame in various manners. 
Dead Shaft Advantages
  • Less Expensive!!! 
  • The number one advantage of a dead shaft idler is the lower cost. This advantage makes dead shaft rolls more popular than live shaft rolls. 
  • Lower Rolling Inertia
  • Since the roll body is the only rotating object on an idler, the rolling inertia is much less than a live shaft roll. 
  • Free Spinning  
  • Epoch dead shaft idler rolls with replaceable bearing carriers are one of the most free spinning designs available. 


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