13.4 HP, 10KW, DC Motor - 12vdc / 24 vdc / 48 vdc
Buy with or without Hydraulic Pump

Powerful DC Motor list price by MFG for $3,000.00.  Buy Here and Save!

Use to power electric vehicles with motor alone or use as hydraulic pump motor combination.

Powerful 13.4 hp 10kw DC Motor and Hydraulic Pump Combination from Right-Products.com

Electric Hydraulic Pump Motor 12 / 24 / 48 Volt 10KW 13.4 HP
Hydraulic Pump PDF

This is a clean, well maintained and remanufactured to mfg specs electric DC Motor with combination as shown from the pictures included.   It can be purchased by just the DC Motor or DC Motor and matching pump.

According the the manufacture they tell me this is a 3,000 unit just for the DC Motor itself plus the pump which is hundreds of dollars extra as a pre-engineered match set.  

 The Hydraulic Pump is a world renowned Casappa Whisper 20 Series Style High Volume Hydraulic Pump (covered by international patents) factory installed on it which maximizes the power of this professionally tuned motor and pump combination for international brand fork lift manufacture.

This is also a perfect Hydraulic unit to use for your own custom applications both in shop and portable. If you hook 4 mid amp range batteries up in series you are good to go on both volts and amps even with a 12vdc charge system when done correctly.





As you can see it seems to be a well maintained pump motor unit from good environment and ready to be put to good use again and for far less than it would cost you elsewhere.

What you see is what you get with the two purchase options below.  Unit is being sold on an "as is" condition no seller warranties / guarantees expressed or implied other than description of contents with no returns, exchanges, refunds. I can tell you that simply putting a normal 12 vdc car battery charger across the terminals turns the motor on smoothly and quietly which would indicate this to be a hard working hydraulic pump unit for you with normal voltage and amperages for forklift use or other work load applications.

10000 watts (13.4 hp), 48 vdc, 260 amp, 1600 rpm
AMRE 2841Y Motor \ Casappa Hydraulic Gear Pump

AMRE Electric Motor Plate
Motore Corrente Continua (Motor DC motor)
Cod. 2841Y N: 0600
Watts: 10,000 n: 1600
Volts 48 S2: 10 min (S2 service time curve)
Amps 260 S3: 15% (S3 service time curve)
Ecc: Serie IS: H

Electric motors are usually insulated in the following classes: E, B, F, H; of these, the highest is “H” with maximum acceptable insulation temperature of 180°C (40+125+15). This class provides motors with longer service times and durability, operating conditions being equal. All A.M.R.E motors are class H.

AMRE Electric Motors web site: http://www.amre.it/home_en/

Casappa Whisper 20 Series Hydraulic Gear Pump (mfg stats)
Part# W0000908 Model# WSP20.23
Max continuous psi = 2465
US gpm = max 2500, mid 500.
24.692 cm3/rev
Inlet pressure range .7-3 bar abs.
Max continuous 170 bar
Max intermittent 190 bar
Max peak 210 bar
Min speed P1 – 500 min^-1
Max speed P1 – 2500 min^-1
Operating temp -25 to 80 C

Casappa web site: http://www.casappa.com/eng/home.htm

Combined Unit Weight = 150 Ships on pallet by freight build separately see below.

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Complete 13.4 hp 10kw DC Motor and Hydraulic Pump Combination Package.
Buy Now...Our Price $849.00

13.4 hp 10kw DC Motor Only without Hydraulic Pump
Buy Now...Our Price $749.00
Once It's Gone... It's Gone!

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