Haemonetics Cell Saver 3 Plus

Blood Recovery System.

Also Called An Auto-Transfusion Machine

Haemonetics Cell Saver 3 Plus from Right-Products.com

Haemonetics Cell Saver 3 Plus Blood Recovery System

This unit appears in excellent condition, turns on quickly and smoothly through self test and and follows commands. This portable unit on a very sturdy wheels for easy maneuverability.   It does have some weight to it yet moves easily and has lock in place safety wheels.

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Haemonetics Cell Saver 3 Plus Blood Recovery System

Summary: This unit reprocesses blood from a blood donor, patient, or other source and separates it into blood cells and plasma. Unit also removes clotting agent from plasma. In this manner blood may be prepared for long- term storage, or maybe re-infused back into a patient during surgery reducing the need for blood from donors. Also called an auto-transfusion machine.

Description: The Haemonetics Cell Saver 3 PLUS is an automated transfusion machine designed for operating room environments. The purpose of the Cell Saver is to avoid allogeneic transfusions by providing patients with their own blood in autologous transfusion, although donor blood can still be used for transfusions. This instrument functions to reprocess the blood from the donor or patient and separate it into isolated components: blood cells and plasma. These components can then be transfused in the proportion they are needed. When separations are taking place, the instrument screens the clotting agents out of plasma. Once free of these clotting agents, blood can be stored for a longer term should the patient not need the blood to be immediately re-infused.

Benefits of using autologous transfusion are significant, as it avoids the risks of a suppressed immune system. This is
because the risk of infection is virtually eliminated when using the blood of the patient, from bacterial, viral or allergic
sesensitization. This risk is known to increase proportionally to the number of units transfused. An additional benefit is that cycling the blood of a patient, when compared to allogeneic transfusion, increases levels of albumin, free hemoglobin, and leads to greater red blood cell recovery.

MODEL: Cell Saver 3 Plus
DIMENSIONS, (HXWXD) CM, (IN): 45.7x 61 x 104.1 (18x 24 x 41)
Automatic (CALIBRATION): Yes
ROLLER PUMP FLOW, mL/min 0 to 1,000
DISPLAYS (STAINING POSTS): Cycles completed, all volumes, pump speed, centrifuge speed, operator messages, mode of
operation (fill, wash, empty)
Bowl volume, mL Adult (CENTRIFUGATION):
Velocity,rpm (CENTRIFUGATION): 5,250 to 5,650
OTHER ATTRIBUTES (Interference compensation): Self-diagnostics; low-volume, standard, and orthopedic protocols; swivel
wheels; 2IV poles. Meets requirements of CLA.
FDA CLEARANCE (Interference compensation): Yes

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