Fresenius AS104 Peristaltic Pump with Dunkermotoren GR 63x25 DC Motor & Encoder

Complete Pre-Wired Peristaltic Pump Module with Servo Board, Motor & Encoder.

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Complete Pre-Wired Peristaltic Pump Module with Servo Board, Motor & Encoder - Right-Products.com

Dunkermotoren GR 63 x 25 Gearbox DC Motor & Encoder, Controller Board & Pump

Fresenius AS104 Blood Cell Separator Parts







This is a high quality precision unit made for very expensive medical equipment that can be used for its intended manufactured purpose or re purposed for a wide variety of custom cnc applications. The used unit came off a working Fresenius AS104 Blood Cell Separator machine and can save you hundreds of dollars over buying the same components individually.  

Fresenius AS104 Pump Module Consisting of,
Peristaltic Pump with See Through Locking Door Panel
Dunkermotoren Motor: GR 63 x 25 Model: 88710 04651 Encoder 88710 04651
Controller Board: LP-Z184B NBS
All Cables, Wires, Connectors
Steel Frame Module

Each main part of this module is worth more than the selling price of the complete unit.  It was removed from a fully operational machine being sold for component use.


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