Gambro Prisma Dialysis Machine


An integrated system for continuous fluid management, renal replacement therapies and therapeutic plasma exchange.

Gambro Prisma Dialysis Machine 018080001D Control Unit from Right-Products.com

SN 966005 Mfg Date: 2005
Gambro Prisma Dialysis Machine Operator’s Manual PDF

This unit appears in excellent condition, turns on quickly and smoothly through self test.  The exception of this is the plastic Effluent Pressure Pod housing (pictured below) which has part cracked off and needs to be replaced. the price of this unit has been discounted with that in mind giving you amble cash value to obtain the part.  For Parts & Service Information
For technical assistance, contact the appropriate address below.

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GAMBRO Renal Products, Inc.
10810 West Collins Avenue
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Phone: 800 525-2623
Phone: 303 232-6800.

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From Operations manual:

On-Line Instructions
Detailed operating instructions are incorporated in the software of the PRISMA Control Unit. The instructions are available on-line, through the interactive display. Instructions include the flowing screens:

• Operating screens (step-by-step instructions the operator follows each time in setting up, administering, and ending patient treatments).
• Alarm screens (instructions if an alarm situation occurs).
• Help screens (additional information about an Operating or Alarm screen).

The PRISMA System is indicated for continuous solute and/or fluid removal in patients with acute
renal failure or fluid overload and for therapeutic plasma exchange in patients with diseases where
removal of plasma components is indicated. All treatments administered via the PRISMA System
must be prescribed by a physician.

System Components
The PRISMA System consists of the PRISMA Control Unit and a disposable PRISMA Set. (PRISMA
Sets are purchased separately.)

PRISMA Control Unit Functions
The PRISMA Control Unite performs the following functions:
• Loads and primes the PRISMA Set automatically.
• Pumps blood through the blood flowpath of the set.
• Delivers anticoagulant solution into the blood flowpath.
• Controls fluid removal/plasma loss from the patient.
• Pumps sterile replacement solution/fluid and/or sterile dialysate. Pumps effluent.
• Monitors the system and alerts the operator to abnormal situations through alarms.

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